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Welcome to Chess-Class.com !

International Arbiter and experienced chess instructor Nonna Karakashyan invites you and your children into the wonderful world of Chess!

You can play here vs. chess programs of different strength:

- PixelPusher  for beginners and
- Little Chess Partner  for advanced players.

You will find here the best combinations of World Champions as well as many other interesting combinations and compositions

our winners of Central Jersey Chess tournament
Another page will show you the games of the best chessplayers from  super-tournaments.

Special section is dedicated to the FIDE Laws of Chess.

Humor pages contain many caricatures and cartoons.

Links pages allow you to find many interesting and useful chess pages online.

"Successes in Tournaments" pages describe achievements of our students in International, National, State and local competitions. Complete list of tournaments where our students successfully participated is published in our Chess Calendar page.

This page also contains links to USCF pages with the listings of coming tournaments in New Jersey, New York and other states as well as directions to different chess clubs where our students participate in rated and unrated competitions.

You can find here study programs for beginners and advanced players as well as our recommendations on chess books, software, chess sets and boards, chess computers. and various miscellaneous chess items.

Additional page provides detailed information on chess scholarships in many colleges and universities.

We used to held our classes in North Brunswick, NJ. 
Currently all our classes are ONLINE only

Registration for online chess classes:
Chess-in-English  and  Chess-in-Russian


 Garry Kasparov with Diana Serinova
Celebration of
10th year anniversary of
Kasparov Chess Foundation
(New York, June 16, 2012)


Our Congratulations to 5th World Champion
Nona Gaprindashvili

80th anniversary!










 Samritha Palakollu
(Turkey; Girls under 8); 
1 place in
2010 North American Youth Championship (Canada, Girls under 10) - 7 out of 7!
/photo Gene Ng/ uschess.org

Roman Rychkov

Two-time winner  of
NJ State Elementary Championship (2010, 2012)

2nd place in 2011 New Jersey Grade School Championship among 6-graders 
2nd result (6 out of 7!) in 2010 National K-12 Championship (Orlando, FL) among 5-graders
Vladyslav Nazarchuk
2nd place in
2011 NJ Grade School Championship
among 8-graders
3rd place in
2010 NJ Grade School Championship
among 7-graders

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