Successes in November - December 2007        

2007 National and State Championships
Our student Aravind Kumar - US Champion!

2007 US Champion Aravind Kumar

On December 7-9, 2007 National Grade Level Championship was held in Houston (Texas).
Our student 5-years-old Aravind Kumar participated in Kindergarten section competing among 48 players.

With great result - 6 victories in 7 rounds, Aravind became US Chess Champion in K-section and was awarded with 1st place Trophy!

Aravind started studying chess in our school in December 2006, when he was 4.5 years old. After a few months, talented boy had his first successes in tournaments.

This November Aravind became NJ Champion in K-section with absolute result 5 out of 5 !

Another our student Samritha Palakollu participated in 1-graders section of the Championship among 92 players.
Samritha demonstrated 3rd result - 5 victories in 7 rounds and was also awarded with Trophy.
Samritha Palakollu is two-times NJ Champion - 2006 (K-section) and 2007 (1-grade section).

Samritha Palakollu and Roman Rychkov

In 2-graders section of 2007 NJ Championship Roman Rychkov shared 1-2 place among 2-graders with absolute result 5 victories in 5 games!

Game analysis:
Kostyantyn Mazur with his traner Nonna Karakashyan

2006 NJ Champion in 10-graders section Konstyantyn Mazur this year came 2nd in 11-graders section with 4 victories in 5 reounds

Arjun Rajkumar played in 2-graders section of 2007 NJ Championship and shared 3-5 places with 4 out of 5 !

Arjun Rajkumar


Vladyslav Nazarchuk
shared 1-2 place
in Reserved section in December'07
PDS Tournament (Princeton, NJ) with 3.5 out of 4 !

US Champion 2007 Aravind Kumar
shows the games to his trainer Yuriy Karakashyan

  Kostyantyn Mazur plays simultaneous games against
  Samritha Palakollu, Viktor Krapivin and Roman Rychkov

    As a good tradition, Elliot Dean (left) and Kostyantyn Viktorov
    play with each other a training game almost every week.
    Both students are chess team members of their high schools
    in Manalapan and Princeton, respectively.


Training games:
    front - Aravind Kumar (left) vs. Anton Maliev
    back - Max Khegay (left) vs. Aishwarya Kumar

Before the class:   
Alisa Litvin  and  Zhenya Rozental

Searching for the best move (from left to right):
    Max Khegay, Aditya Venkatesh, Arjun Rajkumar, Elliot Dean

    Anton Topol (center) is watching the game between
    Dmitry (left) and Andrey Krapivin (right)

Our congratulations to all our students and their parents!