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Feature items:

Quality Tournament
Chess Set Combo

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All chess sets

The Quality Chess Set Combo comes with our Quality Club Chess Pieces, Quality Chessboard, and Perfect-Fit Chess Pieces Bag. Each set comes with one set of 32 pieces, one board, and one bag. 

Quality Chess Pieces:

  • Complete set of 32 chess pieces
  • King = 3 ¾" tall, 1 ½" base, and 27g
  • Solid plastic w/ matte finish for no glare

Quality Chessboard:

  • Quality vinyl chess board made in the USA
  • Chessboard measures 20" by 20"
  • 2 ¼" squares
  • Clear and legible algebraic notation

Carryall Tournament Chess Bag:

  • 24" x 9" chess bag holds everything!
  • 9" x 5" x 2.5" padded clock pouch to hold any clock
  • Shoulder strap for easy transportation
  • Sturdy handles and zipper
  • Padded for protection
  • Lifetime guarantee

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All demo boards
Basic Slotted Chess Demo Board
with Red and Black Pieces and Bag
(Color of bag may vary)
  • Large 27" x 27" demo board with 3" squares
  • Full set of red and black pieces
  • Easy-to-see pieces
  • Demo Bag with adjustable handle
  • Color of bag may vary

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All chess pieces
Quality Club Chess Pieces

These pieces are perfect for those who want a more polished and attractive chess set. They are top quality for solid, single-weight chess pieces. They look great! They are ideal for any type of chess play - blitz, casual, or tournament.

  • Complete set of 32 chess pieces
  • King = 3 ¾" tall, 1 ½" base, and 27 g
  • Beautiful design
  • Quality finished plastic

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All chess boards
Quality Vinyl Chessboard

These chessboards not only can roll up and unroll easily for convenient storage, but they also resist tears, spills, and the most demanding abuse. Each board features 2 1/4" squares to meet tournament standards. The colors provide maximum contrast and visibility, yet are smooth enough not to distract players. Algebraic notation surrounds the entire board and is clearly legible from all sides.

  • 2 1/4" squares
  • Board measures 20" by 20"
  • Clear and legible algebraic notation



WSC Chess Clock Special

The WSC Chess Clock is an easy to use analog clock in an attractive plastic case. Just wind up the movement, set the hands and you are ready to go. This chess clock is ideal for schools & clubs or for anyone who wants the simplicity of an analog chess clock.

  • No batteries
  • Large, easy to read faces
  • Durable wood casing
  • Fits in our carryall bag (not included)

Saitek Competition Pro Game Clock III

  • Fits in our carryall bag
  • Beautiful and easy to use
  • 22 Different Pre-Set Timer Modes
  • PLUS 3 Programmable User Modes
  • Optional Illumination and Sound Mode
  • Two Large LCD Displays, With 17mm High Digits
  • Directional Control Pad for Easy Mode Selection and Time/Move Editing

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All chess clocks

Diamond Quartz Chess Clock

This Diamond Quartz Chess Clock is one of the most economical chess clock, though it is still a very nice quality analog chess timer. It is easy to use and set, keeps accurate time, has a sturdy build, and is powered for a long time by only one AA battery.

  • Diamond quartz timing
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy plastic
  • Battery powered
  • Fits in a carryall bag

Carryall Chess Bag

The Carryall chess bag is the perfect answer for carrying all of your chess needs. Made of durable nylon, this 24" x 9" bag will hold a rolled-up board, a full set of pieces, a chess clock, pencils, identification card, and still have room for scorebooks, chess books, and magazines!

  • 24" x 9" and holds everything!
  • Sturdy handles and zipper
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Padded for protection
  • Lifetime guarantee

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