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Attacking Chess by Josh Waitzkin
Aggressive strategies
and inside moves
from the U.S. Junior Chess Champion
  • Fundamental tactical methods:
    • Pin
    • Double attack
    • Discovered check
    • "Deflection"
    • "Decoy" etc.
    • Combinations based on smothered mate and weak back rank
    • Smashing pawn cover and annihilation of defence
    • Obstruction

Little Chess Partner

10th Edition

Platform: 98/ME/XP
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  • The opening:
    • Classification of openings
    • Fundamental principles of opening play
    • The influence of the opening on the middlegame

  • Strategy:
    • The principles of realization of material advantage
    • The middlegame principles
    • Determination of immediate and future tasks
    • Centralization

  • The endgame:
    • The role of the king in the endgame
    • The significance of active pieces
    • Pawn endings
    • Queen against pawn
    • Rook endings ("building a bridge" and other principles)