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Play Chess and discover that the techniques used to analyze chess situations can also be used, sometimes quite creatively, to grapple with puzzling questions in school and real life.

As a part of our study program for beginner classes we suggest our students to practice with PixelPusher vo.3 and ChessMaster software set to one of the easy levels.

Chess Partners for Beginners

This only works with Java enabled browsers.

How to use Chess Partner for Beginners:

  • To make a move, first (left) click on a piece, and then on its destination square.
  • To deselect a piece, (left) click again on the selected piece.
  • To castle, (left) click on the king and then on its destination square. The rook moves automatically with it.
  • To go back to the original setup, double click with the right mouse button on the board.
  • To go back one move, click once with the right mouse button.
  • The applet checks legality of the moves, including check. It follows the chess moves precisely, except that it does not allow you to promote a piece to something different from a queen.

Restrictions of the program

  • Promotion is automatically to a queen. Minor-promotion is not possible.
  • The applet does not detect draw by repetition, or draw by the 50 moves rule.
  • The computer just makes the first legal move he sees.
  • The computer only plays black.


Copyright: Hans Bodlaender and Eli Bachmupski (c) 1998

Chessmaster PC
Platform: Win Vista / XP

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