Summer  2005  Tournaments       

School Plus Summer Camp 2005

Our congratulations to  Pavel Temkin  
who showed the best result in finale tournament,
won many high-rated opponents and
became Champion of Summer Camp 2005

Pavel Temkin

July '05  Westfield  Scholastic Tournament

Training game:  Nadav Salomon (left) and Yuvik Umapathy(right)

Aditya Venkatesh (left) and Aditya Gudapati (right)
are solving combination.

On July 24th, 2005 many our students practiced for the the first time in unrated sections of Westfield Scholastic tournament; more experienced played in rated competitions.

Here are some of their wonderful results:
  • In K-2 rated section the Yuvik Umapathy won 1st place trophy.
  • Ksenya Rychkova got trophy for the 3rd place in rated tournament among 3-5 graders.

Adam Shannon

This time all unrated tournaments were won by our students:

  • Nadav Salomon  was awarded with gold medal for the best result among unrated 6-12 graders
  • Aditya Venkatesh was 1st in K-2 unrated section.
  • Aditya Gudapati won gold medal among unrated 3-5 graders.  
  • Adam Shannon was second in this section.

August '05  Westfield 
Scholastic Tournament

  • In rated tournament among 3-5 graders Ksenya Rychkova got trophy for the 1st place.

  • Her brother 5-year-old Roman Rychkov who won earlier K-2 rated sections of Westfield Scholastics twice was allowed to paticipate in 3-5 graders rated section. He won 3rd place trophy.

  • In K-2 rated section the Yuvik Umapathy won 1st place trophy.

  • Vaed Khurjekar showed the second result in this section

  • Aditya Venkatesh won again the 1st place in K-2 unrated section.

Roman and Ksenya Rychkovs

Vaed Khurjekar 

Aditya Venkatesh  

Congratulations to all our winners of summer tournaments !