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On July 20, 2003 our students participated  in Westfield Scholastic tournaments and showed excellent results.

Our congratulations to:


- Aviv Milner and Arik Milner for the 2nd-3rd places among 3-5 grade students;


Our students - winners of April Westfield Scholastic:  Mark Berns, Arik Milner and Aviv Milner.

   - Esther Shimanovich
  for the 1st place in K-2 tournament; 

   - Eitan Shnayder
  for the 3rd place in K-2 tournament;

Eitan and Esther
with their teacher Nonna Karakashyan

  - Dennis Goodtzov for the 1st place among unrated players.

Dennis at home...


Also, our other students Dina Shimanovich,
Pavel Temkin and
Arie Shusterman  participated in these tournaments.

Although they did not win trophies, our young students demonstrated good
understanding of chess in several games.

We wish you new chess victories !