February - March 2007 Tournaments

Victory over World Champion !

On March 17, 2007 Pavel Temkin participated in simultaneous game exhibition against Women World Champion International Grandmaster Susan Polgar in Princeton, NJ.
Pavel demonstrated deep understanding of the strategical plans of his famous opponent. Playing black, Pavel repelled her various attacks in all stages of the game. After more than 2 hours of intense struggle, the World Champion tried to force a victory. However, Pavel was able to calculate this ending better!

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Pavel Temkin won Susan Polgar in simultaneous game exhibition in Princeton, NJ

"Yes, Grandmaster !!"
Pavel Temkin wins simultaneous game exhibition against Women World Champion IGM Susan Polgar
Susan Polgar - Pavel Temkin
(simultanious game exhibition)
Princeton, NJ - March, 17 2007



47. Nxc7
h4 !
48. f5 Bxf5
49. gxf5
50. Nxa6 h2
51. b4
and after a few more moves World Champion Susan Polgar resigned.

NJ Elementary Championship '07

On February 25, 2007 our students played in New Jersey Elementary Championship (Lincroft, NJ)

In K-3 section of this tournament among 92 participants Roman Rychkov and Samritha Palakollu showed very good result  - 4 out of 5 !

By additional coefficients, Roman received 3rd place trophy, and Samritha - trophy for the 11th place.

2 other our students also demonstrated high results and were awarded with honorary trophies:
- Arjun Rajkumar got 3.5 points in 5 rounds
- Vladyslav Nazarchuk won 3 out of 5 games

Nonna Karakashyan with
Roman Rychkov (center) and Anton Maliev


Vladyslav Nazarchuk after receiving trophy


from left to right -
Arjun Rajkumar, Gottham and Samritha Palakollu

PDS Chess Tournament

On March 3, 2007 our students participated in different sections of Princeton Day School Tournament.

-  Our congratulations to Aravind Kumar who won all games in Novice I section and was 1st with remarkable result - 4 out of 4 !

Adithya Arun with 2 victories and 2 draws was 2nd in another section K-2 !

Madhu participated in the tournament for the first time, and also showed high result - 2.5 out of 4 !

from left to right -  

Madhu, Adithya Arun and Aravind Kumar



Alisa Litvin


On March 25, 2007 Alisa Litvin participated in Westfield Scholastic tournament. That was her first competition, and Alisa played very good.

With great result - 4 victories in 4 games, Alisa received gold medal for the 1st place !



Our congratulations
to all our students
and their parents!