New Jersey

K-12 Grade

Chess Championship

Lincroft, NJ - Nov 20, 2005





Chess Championship

Houston, TX - Dec 2-4, 2005

Champion of New Jersey 2005

Kostya Mazur

received Trophy for the 1st place among 9-graders. Kostya won in all rounds - 5 victories in 5 games!     (click photo to enlarge)

Champion of New Jersey 2005

Roman Rychkov

also won all 5 games in K-section

 Roma Rychkov

showed 3rd result in K-section of 2005 National Championship -

5 victories in 7 games!

He won 6th place Trophy among 57 participants!  (click photo to enlarge)







Yuvik Umapathy

successfully participated in 2-grader section of 2005 National Championship. With high result - 5 victories in 7 games! - he tied 15th place among 117 participants! (click photo to enlarge)

In NJ Championship Yuvik won 4 games out of 5 and tied 3rd place among thirty 2-grade students !

Before the last round -  Roma Rychov and Dachey Lin (Texas), who became a winner in K-section of 2005 National Championship. (click photo to enlarge)

                Ksenya Rychkova

won 4 games and showed 2nd result among 33 participants in 4-grader section of 2005 New Jersey Championship. (click photo to enlarge)

Among our other students participated in 2005 New Jersey Championship:

  • Aavi Deora who became 4th in K-section;
  • Aditya Venkatesh played in section for 2nd grade students
  • Aditya Gudapati played in section for 6th grade students
  • Elliot Dean played in section for 7th grade students         Our congratulations to all our chessplayers and their parents!