Anton Maliev

New Jersey K-12 Grade Chess Championship
Lincroft, NJ - Nov 21, 2004

Westfield Scholastic Tournament
Westfield, NJ - Nov 28, 2004

National K-12/Collegiate Chess Championship
Lake Buena Vista, FL -
Dec 10-12, 2004

New Jersey K-12 Grade Chess Championship   (Lincroft, NJ)

On November 21, 2004 New Jersey K-12 Grade Championship was held in Lincroft, NJ. More than 300 players participated in 13 sections.

Many our students participated in these championships, and they showed very high results.

- Vaed Khurjekar
received 2nd place trophy in Kindergarten section. He won 4 games of 5!
Vaed started our chess classes in April from the very beginning. His progress is very impressive.

- Another our student Roman Rychkov also participated in this section and finished with 50% result - 2.5 of 5.

Vaed Khurjekar

Roman and Ksenya Rychkovs

Dina Shimanovich
again showed high result and won trophy - this year for the 3rd place among 3rd-grade students.
Dina won 4 games of 5!

This great result - 4 victories in 5 games - was achieved also by our another student Pranay Nadella; unfortunately, by additional coeffients he got only 7th place.

The third our student participated in this section, Ksenya Rychkova had also a good result - she won 3 games of 5.

- In the section of 7th grade students, Kostya Mazur was awarded with 2nd place trophy.
Another our student in this section Alex Rizman won 4th place trophy.

- Esther Shimanovich won 3 games of 5 in 4th-graders competition.

- Dmitry Khrabrov played in 6th-graders section and got 3 points in 5 games.

- Akash Khanolkar also participated for the first time in New Jersey K-12 championship, and finished with good 50%-result - 2.5 points in five games in 5th-graders section.

Anton Maliev

Westfield Scholastic Tournament
(Westfield, NJ)

Our students recently participated in November Westfield Scholastic Tournament. We congratulate

- Anton Maliev for the 1st place in unrated K-2 section
- Kostya Mazur for the 1st place in rated 6-12 section

National K-12/Collegiate Chess Championship  (Lake Buena Vista, FL)

In December 10-12, 2003 our student Yuvik Umapathy participated in 2004 National K-12/Collegiate Championship in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Yuvik participated for the first time in the tournament of all-national rank.
Before that, he successfully played in different NJ tournaments, including 2004 NJ K-12 Championship (1st-graders section).

Yuvik Umapahy
97 players participated in 1st-graders section of National championship in Florida - 75 with USCF rating and 22 unrated players.
In 7 games
Yuvik Umapathy got 4.5 points and won the 1st place trophy among unrated 1st-graders.

We congratulate Yuvik with this high result and wish him new chess achievements!                                 Our congratulations to  all our chessplayers and their parents!