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       Classes of Nonna Karakashyan                             Chess-in-Russian

       Classes of Yuriy Karakashyan                              Chess-in-English

          -  Registration for Spring '19 semester continues

          -  For information and schedule, please write to




      Our classes are held for students of different age and level.
      Chess classes are of various duration. 
      Each lesson includes explanation of new material, solving chess combinations and problems on
      previously studied topics, as well as practical games.
      Here are some topics of our study programs for beginners and for intermediate / advanced classes.

 Registration is free but mandatory. Seats are limited.




       To determine the best class for your child, we need details on his/her current chess skills.

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Registration for Chess-in-English and Chess-in-Russian classes:

        To register for
Chess-in-English or Chess-in-Russian classes, please send us email to and include:

  • name and age of your child;

  • what level describes best his/her chess experience:

    • level 0 (novice) - your child does not know chess moves and needs to start from the very basics;
      Please note:
            - new Chess-in-English class for Novice students is scheduled to start in March'2019

    • level 1 (beginner) - your child is a beginner, knows how all chess pieces move and plays at home, with friends etc.;

    • level 2 (intermediate) - your child studied chess previously; now he/she participates in chess tournaments for beginners;

    • level 3 and 4 (advanced) - your child has US Chess Federation rating (please include the latest rating)

  • language:  English or Russian;

  • your contact information: name, email and phone