The FIDE Laws of Chess

Article 10:   Quickplay Finish 

10.1  A 'quickplay finish' is the last phase of a game, when all the remaining moves must be made in a limited time. 

10.2  If the player, having the move, has less than two minutes left on his clock, he may claim a draw before his flag falls. He shall stop the clocks and summon the arbiter. 

  • a.  If the arbiter agrees the opponent is making no effort to win the game by normal means, or that it is not possible to win by normal means, then he shall declare the game drawn. Otherwise he shall postpone his decision or reject the claim. 
  • b. If the arbiter postpones his decision, the opponent may be awarded two extra minutes thinking time and the game shall continue in the presence of an arbiter, if possible. The arbiter shall declare the final result after a flag has fallen. 
  • c.  If the arbiter has rejected the claim, the opponent shall be awarded two extra minutes thinking time. 
  • d.  The decision of the arbiter shall be final relating to 10.2 a, b, c. 
10.3  If both flags have fallen and it is impossible to establish which flag fell first the game is drawn.