The FIDE Laws of Chess

Appendix B:   Rapidplay 

B1.  A 'Rapidplay game' is one where all the moves must be made in a fixed time from 15 to 60 minutes for each player. 

B2.  Play shall be governed by the FIDE Laws of Chess, except where they are overridden by the following Laws of Rapidplay. 

B3.  Players do not need to record the moves. 

B4.  Once each player has completed three moves, no claim can be made regarding incorrect piece placement, orientation of the chessboard or clock setting. In case of reverse king and queen placement castling with this king is not allowed. 


  • a.  The arbiter shall make a ruling according to Article 4 (The touched piece), only if requested to do so by one or both players. 
  • b.  The player loses the right to claim according to Articles 7.2, 7.3 and 7.5 (Irregularities, illegal moves) once he has touched a piece according to Article 4.3. 
B6.  The flag is considered to have fallen when a player has made a valid claim to that effect. The arbiter shall refrain from signalling a flag fall. 

B7.  To claim a win on time, the claimant must stop both clocks and notify the arbiter. For the claim to be successful the claimant's flag must remain up and his opponent's flag down after the clocks have been stopped. 

B8.  If both flags have fallen, the game is drawn.